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This message was posted by SM Sith Lord.
SM Sith Lord
What the SM Banner Cycle IS:
  • The banner cycle is used to bring members' attention to upcoming clan events.
  • It also adds character to the site by showcasing anything a member has to showcase, it is not only limited to web sites.
  • The cycle is limited to clan affiliated items only. Only members or individuals affiliated with SM may contribute their banner to the cycle.

  • What the SM Banner Cycle is NOT:
  • The banner cycle is NOT a banner exchange. We are not whoring out the top of our site to outsiders.

  • How banners will be added to the cycle:
    All submitted banners will be reviewed by a webmaster then added to the cycle. Although most banners will be accepted, some may require alterations before posting, and some may be rejected all together. Whatever the case, a webmaster will inform the submitter as to what exactly the problem is and what needs to be done to make it eligible for posting.

    What type of banners will be accepted:
    Pretty much any banner that has anything to do with SM or an SM member will be accepted, but most will probably be showcasing one of the items below. If what your banner is for does not appear on this list, it won't hurt to try and submit it anyways. Banners showcasing one of the following items will more than likely be added to the cycle:
  • A member's home page.
  • A member's new level/map.
  • An affiliate's home page.
  • A member's ego.

  • Yes, a banner created for the sole purpose of letting everybody know how l33t you are is a valid submission. But remember, for this type of banner, creativity may play a large role in whither or not your banner gets posted. We don't want a ton of lame looking "I'm uber" banners in the cycle, we want cool looking "I'm uber" banners in it. =)

    A few things to remember before submitting:
  • All banners must be of 468x60 pixel resolution.
  • Banners should be kept under 60kb at all costs, but this size limit is flexible on a case to case basis.

  • How to submit your banner:
    Real simple instructions. Just get your banner to me any way you can. Here are a couple suggested ways of getting it to me:
  • Post your banner in the forum for me to see and explain that you want it in the cycle.
  • Send your banner to me via e-mail. My e-mail address is smsithlord@yahoo.com.

  • ::end page::

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